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eGift Card Joana Fulana™ Terms & Conditions

You can purchase your Gift Card just adding it to your cart, here at, the minimum amount you can purchase is £10 while the maximum in any single transaction is £100.

They work just like regular gift card, however, a digital version with a code will be emailed to the recipient. When purchasing you must fill out the recipient details as name and email address and then at checkout complete with your details, so a copy of the eGift Card Joana Fulana™ will also be sent to you as a confirmation of your purchase.

How the recipients can redeem their eGift Card Joana Fulana™?

You can redeem your eGift Card Joana Fulana™ exclusively online at, so please find the instructions below:

- Go on SHOP and choose the items you want to purchase adding them to you cart.

- Proceed to checkout.

- At checkout page, enter your gift card code on your left hand side section "REDEEM A VOUCHER" (the code can be found on the confirmation emailed to you when purchased).

- Click the next button to apply your claim code to your account.

- Now that you have redeemed, your gift card balance will automatically be applied towards your purchase.

 If the value of the items purchased online is more than the total value of the gift card, you will need to pay the balance using a credit/debit card or via Paypal.

How long the eGift Card Joana Fulana™ is valid?

Gift cards expire 12 months from initial load, however any remaining balance will be forfeited and you will not be able to reclaim the lost funds.


Is possible exchange my eGift Card Joana Fulana™ for cash?

Unfortunately not.eGift Card Joana Fulana™ are non-transferable or negotiable, and cannot be exchanged for cash or vouchers.

Is there any change when I use my eGift Card Joana Fulana™?

You won't be given any physical change, but our Gift Card's remaining balance can be used against future purchases. So don't worry you won't lose out.

What happens if  eGift Card Joana Fulana™ is lost or stolen or damaged?

Sorry but lost, stolen or damaged cards cannot be replaced and you will lose any funds stored on them.


If I have any further questions about eGift Card Joana Fulana you can contact Joana Fulana's rather delightful Customer Services Team by email at or by phoning +44 1992 631514.

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