Formed originally in 2008, Joana Fulana is an independent brand that was born out of a love for travel and shopping. Inspired by the beautiful eye-catching colours and prints, our collections are perfect for carrying all favourite items in style, from a walk round the corner to a trip around the globe.

​Our purpose is to offer a range of practical and timeless designs, created to bring at an affordable price and great value. We want to improve the way to carry the everyday essentials, so having the right things on hand, it becomes easier to roam, adapt and experience everything the world has to show. The more experiences, the more awareness of the world and ones influences on it.

The name of the brand stands for "Ladybird" (Joana) and "Lady" (Fulana) in Portuguese, the founder's native language. As you turn the logo you can see both, once it is up shows the ladybird and once it is down becomes a stylish lady.

We are committed to the best quality of our products and we continuously strive to exceed the highest of standards and provide our customers an outstanding products selection, personalised customer service and overall brilliant, fun shopping experience.

Our range of the finest travel organisers currently includes twelve different designs all made of unique prints and each piece is always lined in our exclusive shimmering jacquard and features our striking signature embossed branding on metal label and zip pull for the perfect finishing touch. Plus, our limited edition arrives wrapped in a gorgeous luxury gift box, ensuring the purchase will be one that is truly treasured.

We want you to enjoy and appreciate your time with us and cherish our products, but most importantly for us is make you feel a friend of the Joana Fulana Team.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and we look forward to being also part of yours for years to come!



Joana Fulana Team


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